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    The Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Centre (FSCC) is a multi-purpose, minimum / medium security facility with 496 beds, serving both male and female offenders.  There is also an Assessment and Treatment Unit (ATU) which mainly serves offenders with mental health problems.  Although the centre was originally designated to house sentenced offenders, there are currently 288 beds designated for remand inmates from the various other centers across Alberta.

    Students from the University of Alberta and FSCC staff provide various services and programs to the offenders.  This website was created to showcase the various programs the Psychology staff and students as well as Occupational Therapy students provide.  Many programs are ran as group sessions throughout the year depending on the various needs of the diverse offender population.  All of the programs are being continuously updated and revised to fit the needs of the clients.  

    At the Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Centre, we recognize that the offenders have a wide variety of needs and function at various levels.  It is our mission to intervene in areas such as: Basic Activities of Daily Living (ADL's)  (i.e., personal care, home management), Behaviour Management, (i.e., anger and impulse control, social interaction skills), Job Skills Training and Leisure Planning.  

Our Mission!

To assist the individual to be as independent as possible so

 that they can lead a productive satisfying lifestyle. 

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Home Psychology Occupational Therapy

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